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Bug? Feeblemind

Guest MustHaveEnergy

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Guest MustHaveEnergy

First, whoever is maintaining this mod, thanks for your work. I really love this mod for the balance changes. (Also the goodberries :D)

Anyway, the description of feeblemind says it sets the target's intelligence to 3 and its duration is permanent until dispelled. Unfortunately, it also makes it so the target cannot be controlled (still green circle, but unselectable just as if they were confused)... which is not in the spell description. If this is a permanent effect, then it's basically equivalent to Flesh to Stone, forcing you to remove the character from the party if you cannot cancel it, or forcing a reload if it hits the main character. 

A potential mod conflict I can see is that I have SCS's "Improved Durlag's Tower," since this happened to me in Durlag's Tower.

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