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[UI] Lefreut's enhanced UI (BGEE, SoD, BG2EE and EET)

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Hey @lefreut, the "lefreut's Keep Dialog Box active after death" (installed as part of EEUITweaks) is causing an issue in my game, as it kind of does its job too well: upon PC death, the pop-up stating you need to load or quit stays on the screen seemingly indefinitely, even after reloading or quitting to the main menu, i.e. it essentially forces you to restart the game when dying. Is there any easy way to undo this component in UI.menu?

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@Shin  Open the UI.menu file and search for 'name "WORLD_DEATH"'.

In this menu section, there are two Infinity_PopMenu() lines. Replace them with Infinity_PopMenu('WORLD_DEATH'), it should fix the issue.

Or if you really want to undo the component, remove the onopen block.

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Not sure if this is something possible with UI mods but might as well ask. Is it possible to disable the space key in conversations to skip to the next dialog? I'm finding very often NPC's like to start dialog right when I'm about to pause the game to loot or manager my inventory, or right after a battle or sometimes right in the middle of a tense battle just because we got out of combat for a second and it's causing me to skip dialog more often than it should.

It doesn't help that half the time the chat history, for some reason, does show the whole previous dialog line and instead is usually only 2-3 lines worth before it gets cut for the new one.

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To clarify regarding Sequencer Memory, I thought this mod "remembered" which spells were in there last and filled in the same spells for these sequencers/contingencies as last time.  (Thus, if you put resist fear and mirror image in a minor sequencer last time, these would be the default spells in your next minor sequencer.  If you changed your minor sequencer to instead have 2 magic missiles, your next minor sequencer would have 2 magic missiles.)  That was what I wanted you to offer as an option.  That, and a "clear spells' button to remove all spells with one click from the current sequencer/contingency.


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This may not be strictly related to LeUI, but is there an easy way to completely disable background transparency in the dialog box? I find text on transparent backgrounds difficult to read, so if possible, I would just like to make the background 100% black.

Edit: The files box5.PVRZ and MOS4290.PVRZ are responsible for the dialog box. I used NearInfinity to convert them to PNG, then GIMP to edit the background, and then NearInfinity again to convert back to PVRZ.

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