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[UI] Lefreut's enhanced UI for IWDEE

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Hello all,

The goal of this mod is to provide an improved UI for IWDEE.


This mod is only compatible with the latest EE version (2.5).

This mod is a complete overhaul so it is by design not compatible with any other UI overhauls mods (Dragonspear UI++, Revised Dragon Scale, ...).

This mod must be installed before any mods that patch the UI (EEUITweaks, Sword Coast Stratagems, Tome & Blood, Might & Guile, Shadow Magic, Deities of Faerun, or Faiths & Powers, ...).


1° Core component

The main UI overhaul (mandatory)

2° Show Sidebar toggle button

Use this option to show Toggle Buttons on left and right sidebars

3° Show Quicksave button

Use this option to show Quick Save button on left sidebar

4° Show Help button

Use this option to show Help button on left sidebar

5° Show Highlight button

Use this option to show Reveal Details button on right sidebar

Download (version 1.5.1):



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