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[UI] EEUITweaks Mod Collection (All EEs)

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/!\ This mod was created by AncientCowboy. I'm only the current maintainer /!\

The goal of EEUITweaks is to be a collection of the individual UI.MENU (i.e. Extended Edition 2.x+) mods/patches/tweaks from the BeamDog UI Modding forum; packaged as a single WeiDU collection. The advantages are to automate the tedious manual editing of UI.MENU, simplify multiple mod installations (particularly after an update), and to provide a single source from which many EE GUI mods can be accessed. It does NOT install the full UI replacement environments, although it does support modding them.

EEUITweaks supports BGEE, BG2EE, BGEE/SoD, PST:EE, and EET with the BG2 (default) and SoD (EET_gui) user interfaces. It also supports installing mods on the Dragonspear UI++, BG2EE GUI To BGEE, LeUI, Revised Dragon Scale, IWD GUI for BG2:EE and BG:EE, and IWD2 for BG2 replacement UIs. In all cases, it will skip attempting to install useless or invalid mods for a particular environment (e.g. transparent sidebars on Dragonspear UI++).


This mod is only compatible with the latest EE version (2.5).

This mod is compatible with full UI mods.

This mod should be compatible with any other mod that patches the UI.


EEUITweaks defines 5 groups into which the mods are divided. These groups are as follows:

  • Startup/Options/Character Gen - Mods related to game program control and configuration, and character generation
  • Game World/Maps/Travel - Mods related to the in-game world UI, mapping, and travel between areas
  • Record/Inventory/Journal - Mods of the 'big 3' (and subordinate) panels launched from the game world screen
  • Stores/Dialogs/Spell Books - Mods of store panels and actions/behaviors, conversations between players and other players/NPCs in the game, and spell books
  • Multiplayer/General/Other - Mods related to multiplayer mode, mods that apply to multiple categories, and mods that don't fit any other category

Download (version 3.3.1):


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I don't know which tool you use to generate the install order, but it's wrong.

You only need one of LeUI / LeUI-BG1EE / LeUI-SoD. Also EEUITweaks should be installed after them.

For the error, please post the weidu.log and Setup-EEUITweaks.debug files.

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4 hours ago, lefreut said:

post the weidu.log

That should be unnecessary, as the setup- .. .debug file already contains it.

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