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[UI] EEUITweaks Mod Collection (All EEs)

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Sadly yes, this mod is missing an up to date readme, but it's something that takes a lot of time to do/maintain.

Most components should be properly setup to only be available to install if they are compatible. This will no tell you which components are compatible beforehand, but if you test an install it should give you an idea.

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On 2/21/2022 at 8:00 PM, lefreut said:

This mod modify the UI, it does not add any new lines to the dialog.tlk. Most components either use no strings or use string ref so they are language agnostic.

There are some components that use new string and they come with a/some lua file(s) (in the form of en_XXX.lua), that one could translate.

Oh and the setup is traified.


    elseif currentlanguage == "ru_RU" then            -- Russian
            JFStrings = {
            JF_All = "Все",
            JF_Active = "Активные",
            JF_Completed = "Завершенные",
            JF_Notes = "Мои заметки:",
            JF_Edited = "Изменено:"

This block must be added to the file: EEUITweaks\copy\Mr2150JrnlFix\M_JFlang.lua.

Otherwise, when Mr2150's Journal Fixes component is installed, the diary titles are displayed in English when using the Russian language.



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Version 4.0 is finally out \o/



  • Add Russian translation for Mr2150's Journal Fixes (from yota13)
  • Fix FayDarkAutoRoll to always extract the exceptional strength value
  • Already known spells for Sorcerers have yellow contour to differentiate from what you pick (lefreut's Character Creation Screens)
  • Fix multi-line quest display (lefreut's Journal)
  • Remove extra space in front of innate abilities in the dialog box (lefreut's 1.3-ish Dialog Box)
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Guest Morgoth

Please, consider adding an option to "restore" the original position of "back" and "go further". Your UI is probably my preferite one, but I feel pretty strongly towards the new buttons and so I'm not currently using it and I'm looking for other avenues (e.g: Tipun's GUI). I also like your UI more than Dragonspear.


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Not all of these could be translated right now, but some of them can. There are these files:



Edited by lefreut
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Opinion from @tipun about GUI mod traification:

I don't understand why GUI mods need to leave text in lua files? Infinity_FetchString pretty much pulls text from dialog.tlk. 

The interface text inside the lua files is used. This interferes with translation, because if you need different versions of the mod for different translations:
Let's say:

text lua 'My text'

translate as

text lua 'Мой текст'

Then on all variants of installation text specified in tp2/tph, etc. will be displayed.
And if you do the following in the tp2/tph file:

SET mytext = RESOLVE_STR_REF( @1001 )

specify in the lua file

text lua 'Infinity_FetchString(%mytext%)'

and use command "EVALUATE_BUFFER" when copying it, and move line "My text\Мой текст" to tra-file, everything will work properly.

It's just that some modders are too lazy, I think, to change the code after everything works. No, I'm not accusing. I get lazy sometimes too. But for translations it has to be done...

There are also L_ru_RU.lua and other L_language.lua, which are loaded differently for each language. In EE itself, all translatable strings from the lua are moved to these files.

Edited by yota13
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Yes UI mods often uses lua files for text but it is still translatable. These components should be set up to load the correct lua file depending on the language (by providing a ru_ModOp.lua file for example) and fallback to english if there is no translation. It's the way the different authors choose to write these components, I won't change that (I don't have the time anyway).

It also has an advantage compare to the tlk. All the translation files are available after the installation so you can switch between languages without having to reinstall the mod.

And to be fair, Beamdog also uses lua files for text for the UI. The modders did not invent this technique.


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~EEUITWEAKS/EEUITWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #4040 // Spell Books -> Kilivitz's Classic Spellbooks: 4.0.1


When attempting to use the might and guile feat system appears to segfault when install order is LeUI -> EEUITweaks -> M&G, and then I load up a character and click on the Learn Feat ability.


When attempting to install LeUI -> M&G -> EEUITweaks, this component will not install at all, with an error:


ERROR Installing [Spell Books -> Kilivitz's Classic Spellbooks], rolling back to previous state
Will uninstall   0 files for [eeuitweaks/eeuitweaks.tp2] component 4040.
Uninstalled      0 files for [eeuitweaks/eeuitweaks.tp2] component 4040.
ERROR: Failure("Unable to find Mage Book Lua code block")
PLEASE zip/rar the file setup-eeuitweaks.debug along with UI.MENU and send via message to lefreut at https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/30832-ui-eeuitweaks-mod-collection-all-ees
Using Language [English]      


Edited by ahungry
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Thanks for the bug report.

If you remove this block of code from the UI.menu it should fix the crash.

mageBookStrings = {
    SPWI908 = {tip = engine_mode == 0 and 24615 or 55373, title = 'CHAIN_CONTINGENCY_TITLE', action = "ADD_SPELLS_CONTINGENCY_LABEL"},
    SPWI617 = {tip = engine_mode == 0 and 24615 or 55373, title = 'CONTINGENCY_TITLE', action = "ADD_SPELLS_CONTINGENCY_LABEL"},
    SPWI809 = {tip = engine_mode == 0 and 24617 or 55372, title = 'SPELL_TRIGGER_TITLE', action = "ADD_SPELLS_TRIGGER_LABEL"},
    SPWI710 = {tip = engine_mode == 0 and 24616 or 60420, title = 'SPELL_SEQUENCER_TITLE', action = "ADD_SPELLS_SEQUENCER_LABEL"},
    SPWI420 = {tip = engine_mode == 0 and 24616 or 60420, title = 'MINOR_SEQUENCER_TITLE', action = "ADD_SPELLS_SEQUENCER_LABEL"},


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