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Take a First Stroll Around the Tower! (Trailer)


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Lately, while looking to finally get a large BGT install working (that would be a feat), i started to remember old mods. Azenmod, COM Encounters... The Grey Clan... At this point (2005), Divine Remix appeared. And in the 2010's, came the 'Colours of Infinity' mods, which shared a common ground with Divine Remix: a new, involved, more subtle, committed to balance and quality way to create mods... And now, i just strolled around the never yet published second add-on for BG.

As i thought... Modding for BG has changed quite a lot in the last 15 years :) It's seriously promising. I guess i will make a new install again at some point when this mod is released. I can't really go around the idea of missing on it.

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