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Original mod team:

Yovaneth, Miloch, Cuv, Galactygon


Current mod team:

Sam., Acifer, maus, jastey



Acifer - area art, BAM art, ideas, testing

Angel: items, general help

argent77: NI and EE Debug Console compatibility, general help

Balquo - general help, testing

Buttercheese (TariToons): Baldur's Gate and Flaming Fist coat of arms in promotion artwork+trailer

Caedwyr - proof reading

cmorgan - ideas

Cuv - area art

Galactygon - area art, ideas

Greenhorn - testing

Gwendolyne - inserting door polygons into existing area, general help

Jarno Mikkola - suggested first to add an area to the south-western end of the BG Docks

jastey - project head since 2019, writing, coding, ideas, testing

Kaeloree - dialogue writer, ideas

Lava: BAM art, general help

Lumorus: ideas, testing

maus - cre files, ideas, testing

Mike1072: general help

Miloch - mod design, ideas

Morywen - ideas, testing

Rabain - first area draft

Sam. - area editing, bams, items, testing

Weigo: compatible search map editing, world map icon and editing, general help

Yovaneth - original project head, area art, ideas, writing, coding, testing

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On 11/30/2019 at 10:21 PM, jastey said:

Jarno Mikkola - original idea for a Balduran's Seatower addition to BG Docks

Erhm, this is so wrong... av-2129.png ... I showed that there's an additional unused exit space in BG at the docks, but I placed worse idea of what to place on it... my first though was a memorial of Baldur, the hero of the city. Then Miloch quoted Volo's Guide to the Sword Coast, that said the mods name, and then Rabain build the first draft of the island, and here we are. None of that was mine. You literally have no claim to sue me. 😋

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