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SHS: Official GitHub Download Mirror!

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Spellhold Studios

Spellhold Christmas Updates have started!


We are happy to announce that due to Gwendolyne's work, Spellhold Studios has an official GitHub Mirror for its mods now. In the coming weeks, we will upload SHS mods to GitHub for which we have permission.

See here for the guidelines about linking to and contributing to the mods' repositories.


Following mods are already available from SHS's GitHub Mirror:

-Cernd Friendship
-Edwin Romance
-Fading Promises
-HaerDalis Friendship
-IEP Extended Banter Mod
-Imoen Friendship
-Korgan Friendship
-Mazzy Friendship
-Minsc Friendship
-Northern Tales of the Sword Coast
-Rolles Mod
-Sarevok Friendship
-The Sword of Noober Mod
-Valygar Friendship
-Viconia Friendship
-Yoshimo Freindship


If downloading mods from GitHub, always remember to download the latest release if available, as the master branch could contain untested changes.


Visit the SHS GitHub Mirror

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