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I4E v2 with Polish translation!

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The mod updates to v2 with a Polish translation by memory!

Also, the BGII and SoD parts are now two independent optional components. Meaning, in EET you can keep Imoen in SoD but still play the original story in BGII, and vice versa.

Thank you to memory for the Polish translation!

Changes in v2:

-Polish version by memory
-BGII and SoD contents splitted into two optional components
-reply options Nalia, Hendak referring to Imoen missing disabled
-remark from Bodhi about captured Imoen removed
-Anomen will not refer to Imoen if she is in party (romance dialogue)
-SoD part installs correctly
-typo corrections

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Guest LZenn

It works!  Yay!  On a side note, not sure if this is I4E, C#SoDTweaks, or Tweaks Anthology, but I also was able to keep my containers, although new items from mods were not deleted from them.  They were made unremovable.  I had to go into EEKeeper to get rid of them.  So happy about the containers staying and my team remaining intact, though.  Thank you!   Danke shoen!  Merci beaucoup!  Muchos gracias!

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Thanks for the feedback! Glad it works now.

Neither this mod nor my SoD Tweakpack does anything with containers/bags.

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