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Longer road mod

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will the longer road mod ever see the light of the day for the classical baldur's gate?

The version released by Roxanne in her website, even if revamped, removed the compatibility with the classical version of Baldur's gate.


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It doesn't work anymore with the revamped version of Ascension.

Basicall, that's what it lacks:

- BWP fixpacks integrated
- Compatibility with Ascension v2.


That's what Roxanne's version claims to do:


Longer Road (v1.6 or later)


- derived from v1.5.1 for BG2/ToB
- - internalised tp2
- incorporate known issues from BWF
- remove tiz/tis conversion and use PVRZ
- update portraits for EE
- update journal entries for EE
- update item descriptions and useability
- use wav instead ogg and remove conversion
- adapted scripts to EE functions
- removed speedbanter component for overall compatibility
- added polish translation by Cuttooth
- LoB flags added

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