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SHS: IEP Banter and Friendship Mods updates!

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Spellhold Studios


Christmas Updates continue!


IEP Extended Banters has been updated to v5.5 with a lot of fixes and optimised install routine!

The goal of this mod is to ensure that each Bioware NPC gets their fair share of banters with each other. We also intend to expand on friendships and relationships between the various NPCs; the friendship between Mazzy and Aerie, for example, or the peculiar relationship between Jaheira and Viconia. Currently, the mod includes banters mainly for Shadows of Amn, with two for ToB (between Minsc and Aerie). Read the Mod's Readme


Also, all IEP Friendship Mods have been updated: Cernd Friendship v1.2, Haer'Dalis Friendship v1.1, Imoen Friendship v3.4, Korgan Friendship v1.4, Mazzy Friendship v3.3, Minsc Friendship v1.1, Sarevok Friendship v2.5, Valygar Friendship v1.1, Viconia Friendship v4.4, Yoshimo Friendship v4.4!


All mods are compatible with all BGII games: BGII, BGII:EE, BGT, and EET. And on top, all IEP Mods are now also available from the official SHS GitHub Mirror!


Visit the Mods' Forum

Download the Mods from Spellhold Studios


Download the Mods from official SHS GitHub Mirror


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