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SHS: NTotSC v3.2.0 with Italian and Polish versions!

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Spellhold Studios


Another Christmas Update at Spellhold Studios!


Northern Tales of the Sword Coast (BGT, BG:EE, EET)

The mod adds several quests to the BG1 part (with TotSC) to the game and is compatible with BGT, BG:EE, and EET. Some are minor encounters with no further impact, but some are larger quests that are also partly connected to each other.
One large quest is given to you by Duke Eltan (before you go to Candlekeep). One of the longest quests also starts before Candlekeep: Talk to the lady outside the Sorceror's Sundries. One quest can be started by talking to Yness in Ulgoth's Beard.

Version 3.2.0 comes with minor bug fixes, more tuned down fights, and a revised Italian version by ilot, and a revised Polish version by Roberciiik!


    -Completed and revised Italian version by ilot
    -Completed and revised Polish version by Roberciiik
    -Map Note to Fire Leaf Forest added (entrance to pass to Cloud Peak)
    -Map Note added to AR80PB.are (Entrance to Cave)
    -description of Shocking Flail adjusted to real stats
    -Draagis' staff should have correct damage effect
    -all keys tagged as keys so they fit into the key chain
    -Nadalin recognizes whether he brought PC to island before (should not give his first dialogue every time after quest is finished)
    -AR9001.are: trap at desk should be removable/reachable
    -AR25PB.are: removed original fire slamander references, also from dialogues (replaced with mod ones)
    -journal entry for elven bow will also be added if PC gets quest without any of the items already in inventory
    -assigned fighting script to Demon Knights (should not stand idle)
    -nerved fire slamander fight: for level PC lower 4 or game difficulty lower NORMAL, number of fire slamander will be halved.
    -nerved fire slamanders: less HP, no immunity to nonmagical weapons, less damage
    -Lesser Tanar'ri nerved: lower XP, immunity to slashing, crishing, piercing set to 0, nerfed Tanar'ri spell script.
    -fight with Lesser Tanar'ri nerved: number of Lesser Tanar'ri depending in game difficulty
    -removed elven chain mail +1 from Haebal
    -Haebal cre nerfed and corrected: is now mage with legal stats
    -Hasdar cre nerfed: has now legal amount of HP
    -nerved Knights of the Grave: reduced HP, nerved undroppable flame blade
    -monster count in AR02PB reduced depending on game difficulty. For INSANE, all monsters will still be there.
    -DSotSC ressources: Holy Water effect should work on undead, Holy Water can be bought in almost all Temples.
    -put a note into the readme that Will is a rather silent NPC.
    -German version: corrected description of Studded Leather of Resistance
    -German version: effects description of Armor of Black Swan corrected

Download at SHS (all OS)

Discussion Thread at SHS

Download NTotSC latest Release from GitHub

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