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Restored Bhaalspawn powers


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AScension has the component

"restored Bhaalspawn powers"

I wonder:

1) Is it different from UB?
2) I remember that it had a weird text bug where every time you gained the powers, an empty log would appear on the upper part of the monitor (the same log that appears when you receive a quest notification). Was this fixed?

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Define 'same'.

This was part of the original Ascension. I stripped it out and recoded it when I coded Ascension 2.0 last spring. The UB component is probably also stripped out of Ascension. My version is probably a bit smoother, since it can take advantage of much more modern coding techniques, but I haven't actually looked at the UB version. Mine also restores the *original* Bhaalspawn powers (you can override this if you don't want it). Only use one, in any case.

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