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Lehtinan's Cristmas Feast


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Hello everyone who still checks in to see my terrifyingly slow writing progress. We are once again at the tide of Yule, so I thought I would show a little more of what's actually been going on as a little bit of a present.

What we have here is a snippet of just one possible path to freeing Aklon from Lehtinan's "employ", this one for people who'd like to buy him for themselves. I've removed the various qualifiers and other options the player has in this conversation, and there's potentially quite a bit more to be done here, such that the price is not fixed as stated if you only intend to pay in gold. With that said, enjoy a little bit of what's to come, and I'll wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2020!



PC: I met one of your pitfighters. Fellow in chains in the back. He seems keen to not be one of your pitfighters any more. I don’t suppose you’d consider selling his... contract?

Lehtinan: Yes, I know the one. (hrrrrrm) ‘Tis not his choice to leave or stay, I have his... contract and I’ve invested a lot in his utility to me. I’ll not throw all hat away.

PC: Which is why I offered to pay.

Lehtinan: Well, perhaps I could let him go. Yet, I’ve put a lot of gold down on that one already, and barely made anything back, so your gold must pay for that imbalance. Twelve thousand coins I will take in exchange for the bare-handed fighter.

PC: For just one man?

Lehtinan: You gain more than just the man. With him comes a means of wringing compliance. To remove it would need his death, so you must pay for that too.

PC: Surely there must be some way to lower the price.

Lehtinan: Why should I (hrrrrmm)... lower my price?

PC: There’s value in more than gold. I can accomplish things your normal employees can’t, for instance.

Lehtnan: That is true enough. (hrrrmm...) It just so happens there is something you could do for me, something more suited to someone not known to be in my employ, and which has significant enough value to exchange the fighter’s contract for. Are you interested?

PC: Absolutely, speak on….



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