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Random Encounters & Uploading


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1: I am wondering if it is possible to add a custom encounter, or a script that moves you to X area instead of chosen area upon area transition, and what file would control that.

2: Is there a guide somewhere on uploading mods here, or what are the rules regarding this? I've been wanting to upload my mods to other places to increase the likelihood of sweet, useful feedback, but on a quick search couldn't find anything helpful.

Thank you for the help!

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1. I think the best idea to handle those for EE are those actions introduced in the Beamdog version of the game:

357 ForceRandomEncounterEntry(S:Area*,S:Entry*)

2. You can't upload them just like that. You may, however, ask admins to make G3 the official hosting site. To do that you should send a submission request to G3 admins. You will also gain access to uploading centre and you will be able to upload new versions whenever you want. That comes with a subforum and description on the main website etc.

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Guest modplayer

The most reliable hosting of mods these days is with Github. Even the former Spellhold and G3 mods now use it. You should consider to use is right from the beginning.

Probably Alien or others can help you with that.

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Thanks for the answer for my first question, I see there is also a check if one has been set so that makes it easy.

And thanks for the answer to the second. Not sure why I didn't think of GitHub, I use it for my work coding.

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