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BUG: Can't disable hostile reaction after charm.


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Or you could have just ... 

[./override/SPWI202.SPL] loaded, 2354 bytes
ERROR: illegal 2-byte read from offset 2354 of 2354-byte file SPWI202.SPL
ERROR: [SPWI202.SPL] -> [override/SPWI202.SPL] Patching Failed (COPY) (Failure("SPWI202.SPL: read out of bounds"))
Stopping installation because of error.

ERROR Installing [Disable hostile reaction after charm], rolling back to previous state
Unable to Unlink [EET_Tweaks/backup/3000/OTHER.3000]: Unix.Unix_error(1, "unlink", "EET_Tweaks/backup/3000/OTHER.3000")
ISANDIR/ISANDIR.TP2  0  1 Installed
ERROR: Failure("SPWI202.SPL: read out of bounds")
PLEASE email the file SETUP-EET_TWEAKS.DEBUG to K4thos (swit)
Automatically Skipping [Disable hostile reaction after charm] because of error.
Using Language [English]
[English] has 2 top-level TRA files
[EET_Tweaks/lang/en_US/prompts.tra] has 51 translation strings
[EET_Tweaks/lang/en_US/setup.tra] has 92 translation strings

Installing [Higher framerates support] [1.12]
Copying 1 file ...

Next thing you need to do is: --change-log the "spwi202.spl" file. How you do that is, at SHS forums, which is down.

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