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Grey the Dog Bug Report Thread


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My BG1 game has progressed from Siege of Dragonspear to BG2.  Grey was a 7th party member in BG1 but he has not shown up in the area with the dryads in Chateau Irenicus.  Should I expect to find him elsewhere, or is there a way that the transition could have gotten messed up?

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He should show up with the Dryads, but this doesn't seem to work at all times. Showing up at the Promenade was a fail safe for "Skip Chateau Irenicus", good to know it fixes this, too.

I am suspecting some spells from the kidnapping cutscene to be still active as the same happened with Breagar. For his appearance in BGII I am using a scipt to neutralize any spell effects that is also working in classic BGII. I will change this so in EET it uses whatever EET is using to strip the cres from effects.

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