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Solo with a Party!


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- Always wanted to play a Solo, but found the non-combat sections too boring?

- Find Solo-ing without a Thief too exasperating at the beginning?

- Want the challenge of a Solo and still enjoy that romance you haven't yet checked out?

- Want to really hit the limits of the Experience bar and see just how high level your main character can go?

- Wishing your party members could just go hide somewhere while you finished the baddies?

- Rerunning Baldur's Gate 2 with your uber Main Character to check out that new NPC but tired of having to babysit all your other party members?

- Irritated with having to spend a good portion of your game time to move the rest of your slow-moving party?


Well then, this Mod is for you! :) Features include


- XP Awarding - get it all for yourself!

- Resurrections - Automatically resurrects all and any dead party members after combat.

- Solo Combat - for the challenge, all party members automatically get Mazed and stay Mazed until the battle is over.

- Improved Haste - For ease of movement along the maps and to keep up with the main character, all other party members have Improved Haste on them at practically all times.


Hope that you enjoy it, feedback/bugs/typos etc can be emailed to me or posted here to this thread.


Zip file

(unzip to your BG2 directory to and run setup-partysolo.exe)





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Apart for inventory use, which isn't much point anyway with a few tweaks, its mainly for Banters, Romances, Interjections and all that :) while giving the challenge of a Solo. Since once the action starts, all your party members go "poof".


Personally, I find taking care of a well-leveled PC (especially with Staff of Magi, say) far easier than trying to take care of 6 lower-level party members.

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Just for the record. You are right about the group comment (especially with mages/sorcs and the staff) and I was only joking insofar as I of course welcome any mod that brings a new angle to the game.


A sidenote: So a soloing mage would still get all the advantages out of the group, read mainly NPC quests and out-of-combat services like lockpicking and healing, without the disadvantages of soloing which is making ends meet with the character you have.

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Yep. Anyway I don't think anyone really solos for the challenge of trying to get around traps you can't see, and trying to open those Trapped chests that will mean you have to Load Game about 50% of the time .


I think people Solo

1) For the uber PC you get

2) For the challenge of fighting all the baddies on your own

3) Not having to wait for all the slowpokes to catch up

4) Not having to worry about other people dying on you and Rezzing them


That they have to go without the interesting party interaction is also more a disadvantage of solo, that this Mod tries to address.


Though I could have missed out some elements of what people look for in Solos / Party-Games :) New Features, anyone?

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Was trying it out with Saerilith, and found that certain dialogues trigger the Maze Effect at the end of it. This is due to !CombatCounter(0) instead of ActuallyInCombat(), and has since been rectified.


Also changed the Healing so that it now is autocast on party members so long as the party member does not have 100% Life.

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Oh man.. yesterday just checked the .zip file when I was about to install PartySolo on my clean installation of BG2... and horrors, I realised the updated .bafs were placed in the root directory instead of in the partysolo directory!


This means that any installations, unless you actually moved the .bafs, were actually still with the previous version! ACK... anyway its ok now :bday: ugh. Talk about buggy Zip files... or rather, stupid authors :/

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