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difficulty settings??

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Happy new year to all!!


From the Readme:

Once this component (Initialise AI components) is installed, the difficulty settings in the game will be rebalanced and renamed. There are five standard difficulty settings:

  1. BASIC: Enemies choose their targets and use their spells fairly unintelligently. They refrain from using some of their more dangerous special abilities and spells. (This is roughly the level of the unmodified game's 'Core' difficulty.)
  2. IMPROVED: Intelligent enemies attack and use their powers fairly sensibly, though most will not use class abilities, and some of their most dangerous special abilities are still avoided.
  3. TACTICAL: Enemies continue to use intelligence in their targetting, and now use most of their powers and often call for help from nearby allies. Spellcasters begin casting some spells in advance of combat, especially if they arrive in the area in sight of the party. Some supernatural creatures gain the ability to use their abilities instantly and uninterruptably.
  4. HARDCORE: Enemies now use all of their powers as effectively as they can; a small number receive a boost to hit points. Some enemy numbers are increased. Spellcasters more aggressively cast spells in advance. In the later game, some of the most powerful spellcasters begin to use High-Level Abilities.
  5. INSANE: Several enemies receive further boosts to their abilities and their numbers; spellcasters aggressively cast spells before combat; use of High-Level Abilities now occurs (for the most powerful spellcasters) throughout the game.


But I can't set anything.

In the baldur.ini stands: Difficulty Level=4 Will i change here to 3, when i want play at tactical??

I thought there was a new screen where I could adjust the level of difficulty.

Or is this only for BG2 EE??


Regards, Marlow

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SCS does not add a new difficulty slider, it replaces the existing one.  It is right there in your screenshot, complete with the explanation of how it works (in the lower text box).

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Posted (edited)

Many thanks Angel!

Regards, Marlow



Edited by Marlow

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