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Ajantis bg 1 romance effects


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This depends on your game.

For EET and BGT, status of romance will be recognized in BGII by the BGII Ajantis mod.

If you play BG:EE/BGII:EE separated combo, there is no real way of detecting the status - and even if, I couldn't be sure the player actually wants to continue the romance or whether they only wanted to use the PC from that final save. There, a dialogue with Imoen in ID will pop up where you have to chose the status you want to have for the romance. Please also refer to readme, because one reply option disables any romance track (engaged vs. "new beginning").

In case that wasn't your question: the BGII romance offers a continuation of the BG1 track (engaged path), but also a "new beginnings" romance for those who didn't play the BG1 romance. The BGII mod assumes that Ajantis travelled with the PC for a while, though.

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That is why BG1NPC tries to offer a choice of romances for female/male good/evil PCs and not just one ot two. BG1NPC more or less adds interaction with NPCs as it was standard in BGII.

Stylistic differences: For Ajantis BGII there is an install choice for more explicit content, whereas BG1 romance was all "fade to black" as the original BGII romances are done. Other than that, I wrote both but one after the other so they should be similar enough without being the same. (BGII beginnings romance is definitely not the same as BG1 romance, and engaged path isn't either, obviously).

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