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Endless BG1 - A Mod for BG:EE, BG:SoD, BGT, and EET!


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Do my eyes deceive me? This reads too good to be true. It seems virtually everything I was hoping for in a BG1-after-Sarevok mod is included, plus some continuity enhancements - those are always welcome! It sounds terribly complicated to code,  and I cannot begin to imagine how much work you put into this. What a wonderful present for the new year, new BG!

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1 hour ago, Isewein said:

It sounds terribly complicated to code

Actually, the "stay inside BG1" part is fairly easy once you know how to get REPLACE_TEXTUALLY to work (it's a bit picky and does not patch unless you hand-feed it). What I am quite proud of, though, is how I made all the dialogue additions to the Dukes modular by patching my own mod's dialogue after just having installed parts of it (not that I invented this, but it's a neat trick if you know how to do it).

This way, everyone can chose and pick what they like for their install.

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Hm... At the end of the install for testing? ...

As for official install order, although it is theoretically a tweak mod I'd prefer to see it in the place of a quest mod, rather at the beginning of the mod list so it finds everything it is expecting for patching the way it is expecting it (plus doesn't patch other things it's not meant to, e.g. if other mods added script blocks with the same triggers etc).

Short: as a first quest mod is my spontaneous recommendation.

If you or anyone have an EET save game right before the fight with Sarevok, I can give it a quick check run to see whether I borked anything obvious.

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So, this basically allows me to play EET, without SoD part? Not that Iplan to skip it, but as I remember SoD part is mandatory for EET runs. I'm not sure if I understood the description right, but what are the benefits of this mod if I play EET and I *do* plan to walk through SoD part too?

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