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SHS: Worldmap Mod and AddOns Update!

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Spellhold Studios


BP-BGT-Worldmap Mod


This mod replaces the ingame worldmap with a large, new worldmap. It is used especially for the Megamodification (BGT, TDD, SOS, CtB, TS, DSotSC, NTotSC, SoBH, Drizzt Saga...) or partial installations of the Megamodification.

The mod is also compatible with BG:EE, BGII:EE, and EET.

It also includes a full set of coloured map icons. The mod offers the choice between two different worldmap sizes: large and huge. Either of these two worldmaps can be used for BG1, BG2 and ToB. Alternatively, a smaller, specially prepared worldmap can be used for ToB. The mod also offers optional, alternative travel times and area visibility. Lastly, the mod includes a savegame converter, which allows old saved games to be updated to include the new map(s). (The worldmap data is also stored in the savegame files. If you want to install this worldmap, run the savegame converter and you don't have to start a new game.)


Version 10.2.4 fixes wrongly (or not at all) named DSotSC areas on the worldmap and adjusts the area visibility from NTotSC to the ones in the mod.

Note: for this version, you also need the updated Language AddOns v9.0.0.


The mod is also available from SHS's official GitHub mirror.

Download from SHS Download Site.


- corrected area names for DSotSC areas (areas should be named correctly and should all have names on the worldmap).
- corrected area visibility for ntotsc (areas should have the same visibility on worldmap as in original mod).
- added changelog.txt file.
- renamed folder to "bp-bgt-worldmap".
- moved setup-bp-bgt-worldmap.tp2 inside mod folder.
- added bp-bgt-worldmap.ini with mod info meta data.

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