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[Release] Turnabout v1.3, a BG2 mod with EE and non-EE compatibility

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Turnabout is fair play. The Turnabout mod adds a new wrinkle to the final fight in Throne of Bhaal, enabling the player to recall up to three dead allies to aid in the battle.

Seven possible allies are available:

Alianna (the PC's mother)

My update, made 14 years after the mod's release (to be clear, I have nothing to do with the original team), makes this classic mod compatible with EE, as well as fixes critical bugs present in the first version. A version is also provided for the original BG2, for users who don't want to use EE but want the fixes present in my update.

Download the mod here.

Turnabout requires that Ascension v2.0 be installed. It can be downloaded here.

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Hey, did you have the chance to take a look at BWP fixpack? I think the patches contained here are now old because Turnabout is now based on Ascension 2.0, but better to ask and be safe, rather than not and be sorry.

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Guest Hank3

Has that new version added the compatibility with the Tiax and Yoshimo mods?

Is there a reason to have the tp2 outside the mod folder?

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