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Kivan Dies. Can't go to TOB.

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Greetings, Gibberlings 3. I'm sorry, this is the first time I'm around for Kivan BG2 but here's the problem I had.

I only installed manually without using the install helper. I used Kivan as one of my NPC, interacted with him normally (I am a male. I didn't pursue romance).

Game seemed to proceed normally, but I never met Deherianna in person or activate his quest (I have no idea how. A little help?)

And when I finish the SOA portion... Kivan asks to DIE and reunite with Deherianna and Ellesime COMPLIED. And that's it, Kivan's gone forever. And I think I can't bring him back in TOB.

What just happened here? I feel like I missed out something so I did not fully experience the mod. Help will be most appreciated. Thank you!

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This is working as intended. I personally think it a wonderful end to his arc narratively, and also quite convenient practically considering the number of ToB-only NPCs one might want to free up a spot for. Imagine, he has the real chance to finally be safely reunited with his one true love, after concluding every and all outstanding business he had on earth (his own revenge and aiding Charname's) - why would he not choose to do so?


SPOILER: The way to keep him for ToB is either by romantic attachment or by resurrecting Deheriana. Either require some specific decisions, but honestly I think you are fine - just accept as a nice surprise for your game. If you REALLY wanted to you could probably tinker with some variables to enable him and Deheriana in ToB.

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