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Does EET have the same issue as BGT

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Again, you don't make a sense.

I suppose you mean the install of setup-music.tp2 which you can do with BGT-weidu installed... but that's decade ago when the game was still restricted to the 100 song music list that was removed when the ToBEx was invented. It's like you go with all the old information reading from a browser that's hacked and don't even bother to understand the issue.But then again, you are a n00b.

As you failed to see that the mod has the option to install BOTH options to the game, and that's the solution that uses the ToBEx code derivative.

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Well, here:


Music Song List

TobEx removes the 100-row limit on SONGLIST.2DA. The script action PlaySong() supports this change, and extended song numbers are recognised in ARE files.

So just the mods own reference file, which is where the original restriction comes from. And like you can see from the EE file, the EE doesn't have that restrcition. Unlike the BG2 one has...
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To get full BG1/BG2 music on BGT, all you need to do is run setup-bgtmusic.exe after BGT is done installing. From there you choose the option "Full BG1/BG2 Music" (the one that comes with a warning about patching BGMain.exe). TobEX is not required AFAIK.

I'm pretty sure there's no need for any specific mod to fix music on EET.

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Yes, it pretty much corroborates what I said - to have BG1 music in BGT, you have to run setup-bgtmusic.exe after BGT is done installing.

If you choose the "Full Baldur's Gate/Shadows of Amn/Throne of Bhaal Music" component, then indeed you don't have to uninstall anything - the appropriate music will play in every area, be it BG1 or BG2.

If you chose the "Full Baldur’s Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast music" component, then you'd have to uninstall it right before starting the BG2 part. But you'd only choose that if the other component caused any problems.

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20 minutes ago, Arthas said:

By the way, would ToBex patch the exe twice if you installed it after bgmusic.exe? 

If you read about it, you'll find out that don't need to worry about such, as only the latest version one is applied. The reason why ToBEx is usually meantioned to be installed first is that it reduces install time... with a second or so... but that's the only benefit.

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