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Pre-buff and invisibility.

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Hello everybody!

I noticed something that maybe is not really a bug but is quite annoying. From a certain point in the game, I start scouting with an invisible character. When I enter in the field of view of some mages, they start casting all their buffs, as per SCS script. Then, I go back to my party, buff up and go back to the mages. Their buffs are expired, so they have no protection. The fight is a piece of cake.

@DavidW wouldn't be more logic if prebuff would work only when a visible character enters the field of view of a caster? Things as they are now are also quite immersion-breaking.

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@Blash2That's strange. I haven't ever gotten a chance to use V32 yet (last used V31), but my memory is that if you walked into range of spellcasters while invisible, they might sometimes hear you and cast an anti-invisibility spell, but they would never buff before actually seeing you.

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