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BG1NPC updates to v24.9 with revised Russian translation and bugfix!


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BG1NPC Project updates officially to v24.1 with integrated compatibility with the changes of the 2.5 BG:EE patch and a Russian version by Aerie Team & Arcanecoast Team!

Read more about the BG:EE 2.5 compatibility and other changes to the mod components and structure here.


Changes for v24.1:

  • Russian translation added by Aerie Team & Arcanecoast Team
  • Added DavidW's "lib_interject.tpa" and "alter_dlg.tpa" to optimize passback lines for interjections according to his tutorial Improving on INTERJECT_COPY_TRANS3 - passbacks only if necessary .
  • Coran's quest: Rachel should only revive roses if withered roses are in inventory
  • Natan (Coran's quest) should not drop another Multicolored Powder if killed (changed giving in dialogue to GiveItem()).
  • The 4 Zizi the Lovebundles will only spawn if all conditions for Xzar's powder are met (added to spawn script: InParty("xzar") InMyArea("xzar") !StateCheck("xzar",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) PartyHasItem("X#XZSLIM")).
  • Slime transformation and spawning of the 4 Zizis should now work as intended (corrected inconsidtency between the tracking variable which Zizi is talked to).
  • Xzar's Quest: druids should all walk towards him and not talk while still outside the visual range (changed MoveToObject("blackberry) to MoveToObject"Xzar") in their scripts.
  • FIx Minsc checks in INGOT interjection
  • Update stringref to use an index that points to "Talk" for both BGEE and Tutu/BGT (bg1npc_chall.tpa)
  • Fixing bug in Branwen-Tranzig encounter
  • Fixing bug in last Dynahier (romanced) Winski encounter (Tanar'ti should initiate dialogue with Winski)
  • Updates for Jaheira's Quest (changes to x#jabe1.baf, x#beador.cre).
  • p#wolf01.cre: Make winter wolf pelt unstealable.
  • Remove duplicate items from Karris' lackey's inventories. (bg1npc_tiaxqst.tpa)
  • Make items held by Belgin, Karris, and his lackeys unidentified (bg1npc_tiaxqst.tpa).
  • Fixed garbled text in Jaheira's dialogue
  • Fixed BGT Tazok install error (Replace %tutu_var%TAZOK%eet_var% with %tutu_scriptbg%TAZOK%eet_var% in x#kivantazok_tutu.d).
  • Fixed loop in Coran's dialogue and added missing RestParty() transactions.
  • Reenabled lines @10-@23 in #xagqst.d, they are still needed for BGT+Tutu.
  • Tutu Walking Speeds Component Removed (Duplicated in Tweaks Anthology)
  • Remove unused NPC Wait .tra files.
  • Corrected typos and capitalized names of item descriptions (English version).
  • changed infer_charset to infer_charsets in the tp2.
  • removed reamde v32.3 and renamed new readme to readme-bg1npc.html
  • Renamed French readme v23.3 to readme-bg1npc-french_v23-3.html
  • Link to Kerzenburgforum added to readme.


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The mod updates to v24.2 with native EET compatibility and bug fixes.


  •     Native EET compatibility added (still in beta).
  •     Ajantis should not attack if PC gives Kirinhale's lock to Riggilo after the succubus is already dead.
  •     Added silent = 1 to item patching to suppress warnings and prevent component to be shown as "installed with warnings"
  •     (BGT) Thalantyr will also give Kivan his spear if talked to later (BGT has an extra dialogue state that should be patched, too).
  •     (BGT) Various item fixes for BGT-BG1 items (instead of checking for the BGII versions).
  •     (BGT) Coran's wyvern quest: Coran's joined states will be patched corectly.
  •     Added table of changed component numbers if compared to v23.3 "Changed_component_numbers_v24.html" to /bg1npc_docs.
  •     Added install order for BGQE component "Brage's Sword" and Brage's Redemption to compatibility notes and updated links in readme.
  •     Removed hint to look for support for megainstalls at SHS from installation prompts.
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At least 90% of the credits go to AstroBryGuy who made the mod compatible content-wise with BG:EE 2.5. He also started to insert first EET syntax. I finished the syntax and had a close look at the installed files in the game.

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27 minutes ago, jastey said:

@K4thos Thanks!

I hope someone will notice and install it on EET and give some feedback!

I will.  That's one of my few must have mods.  Give me a couple days, though.  I'm going to be out of town for most of today. 

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On 2/7/2020 at 9:58 PM, jastey said:

I hope someone will notice and install it on EET and give some feedback!

Just wanted to thank you and let you know that I would love to use this, if I hadn't already started a playthrough after delaying for a looong time 😆

Next time, it will be included for sure.

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