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BG1NPC updates to v24.9 with revised Russian translation and bugfix!


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BG1NPC updates to v24.5!


  • PID options should not block SoD dialogues if installed directly to EET.
  • Coran Romance: PID option "stop flirt with me" should not disable all romance-related PID options.
  • Fixed coran romance dialogue transition.
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BG1NPC updates to v24.6!


- x#keth.cre should not have nonexistent items assigned to item slots (should not throw error messages or stop install in SCS "Smarter AI" component).
- Coran's "stop random flirt" option should not deactivate all romance related PID options.
- Deactivated Smart I_C_T Function until further revision.




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BG1NPC updates to v24.7!


  • Coran should initiate dialogue one game day after Briel received book of curses. (Timer mixup between ingame/realtime corrected.)
  • Second Minsc-Dynaheir rest banter should also trigger rest if Imoen is not in party.
  • Coran will no longer leave the party for good with the cook in Cloakwood mines.
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I feel bad about the Smart_I_C_T function - I should have made clearer that it was beta at best, and that although I'd tested it fairly carefully I couldn't guarantee it was working fully.

I still think the idea is good - I'll do a debug pass when I have a chance.

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I was fully aware of the beta status when I integrated it into the package. I did so because I also think it's a useful approach.

The whole mod went through some kind of beta state with the added native EET compatibility etc. Current version should fix a bug with the Coran-Briel interaction that was broken the last 15 years.

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The mod updates to v24.9!


- Tiax no longer leaves in anger although his quest was solved to his liking.
- Russian translation revised and corrected (wrong format for some files).
- Added bg1npc.ini to support ALIEN's Project Inifnity.

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Guest Icarus300

Perhaps, though it's visibility isn't quite there (it's already like the 4th or 5th thread down in a myriad of threads). BG1NPC Project is a major project and deserves front page notice! 😅

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