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Changed Component Numbers in v24 vs. 23.3: Table for Comparison


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Due to the tp2 restructuring (removal of READLN for compatibility with @AL|EN's Project Inifnity), component numbering has changed in version 24.x compared to the version before. This is important for all mods that check for components of BG1NPC to be installed via the tp2 entry.

The Main Component is still numbr 0.

But all other components either changed or were even removd. e.g. "Banters, Quests, and Interjections" now is component number 10 (before it was "1")


You can see and compare the changes here:  ==> Link to Table with Component Numbers v24.x vs. 23.3 <==

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So...if for example, I want to see if SixofSpades Extended Sarevok's Diary is installed, I'm sort of reliant upon the players using the newest version of BG1NPC.  I can't check for both component 31 (old number) and 130 (new number) because 31 in the new version is something entirely different.

You guys hate me, right? LOL

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