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Imoen 4 Ever updates to v3 with bugfixes!

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Imoen 4 Ever


Imoen 4 Ever aims at making Imoen a steady companion throughout the whole BG-Saga. Imoen-related story content is being considered, therefore Imoen will be out of party temporarily to reflect the most crucial original game events. This mod makes her rejoin the party after such incidents, so that she can be seen as an actual travel companion in SoD (not finished yet) and BGII. Note: The SoD part is not finished yet.

Version 3 comes with bugfixes for the EET: Imoen's dialogue in SoD would get stuck and the scenery dialogues in Korlasz's dungeon would not show.



-added note to readme about Imoen in ID not being the same as outside like in the original games (BGII+BGII:EE only)
-(EET) fixed bug in EET where Imoen's dialogue would hang in Korlasz's crypt
-Imoen's scenery comments in Korlasz' crypt should trigger correctly
-added imoen_forever.ini with mod info
-removed more instances to references of Imoen being kidnapped: fence standing next to temple of Ilmater, High merchant Logan of Trademeet, Samuel Thunderburp (owner of Five Flagons).
-added folder libiconv-1.9.2-1-src.7z with iconv licence info



Mod Page


German Discussion Thread at Kerzenburgforum


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