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Ascalon Questpack - Bunger stuck in sewers problem

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Hello, im actually kill the Eye God, kill the Cultists and want to save Bulgar, he gonna run near the exit and i have option to say him run because of his mother or just kill him xd.

But when i pick "good" way he just stuck (animation start, but his position reseting immediately). I cant talk with his mother so simply quest is bugged.


There is some Global Variable or command to force this quest forward ?



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Ok, thanks. Im waiting for it the "how to fix" post xd.


Imo, i have another problem. I also have mod called Check The Bodies, and it's add additional locations in crypt of the Lich Kangaxx (that locations was also in BG 1 (idk how its called original)), but we can found them in the end 4 chambers with different mobs/elementals, after clean all 4 chambers (in BG1) that shall TP us into chess table.

Im don't know Chech the bodies adds 1:1 same locations and scripts, but if yes, after clean last chamber when i should TP, my game just crash. Idk why, and how to fix it.

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V2.2, from SHS forum (while SHS forum works - actually no) and got the latest version BG 2:EE on Steam. Ofc, im not sure CtB causes that problem, because i have a lot of another mods installed and maybe it can be someone of them.

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