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Buggier Bugs (who knew bugs could be buggier?)

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Hello everyone,

A couple of bugs have been brought to my attention and as I have been attempting to fix them, I am only able to replicate half of what is reported to me. Additionally, when troubleshooting these bugs, they appear to be, well, buggier.

For example,


A bug occurs with Minyae when the PC betrays Adalon. Minyae becomes hostile instead of Adalon. I understand the issue with this, Minyae had the "last say"/interjection before Adalon is supposed to attack and so the commands are directed towards her instead - this was a quick fix.

However, when testing this on another machine, I can replicate this issue and fix it BUT Minyae says things out of context in addition to her scripted dialogue. (Out of context, such as dialogue she has no business saying because the conditions haven't been met, it's a future dialogue, etc.) The difference between the two machines is that I had uninstalled/re-installed mods a ton more on one than the other.

Another example:


Minyae has a dialogue with the PC on there way back to Amn in Chapter 6. However, it's possible to have this dialogue a little bit sooner when using an NPC to talk to Minyae (I haven't fixed this yet.) I can replicate this error with my laptop, but she says the correct dialogue which would've happened somewhere in the very, very near future. However, as this was reported to me by another player, when the player leaves the Underdark-Exit and is making their way back to Amn, not only does Minyae have a stutter bug that brings up her PID menu, but when using an NPC to talk to Minyae, she spouts a line from Throne of Bhaal, which I believe should be impossible to do and is not the same line I have experienced.

I suppose a possible solution is to have a clean installation. However, for those currently in the middle of a run-through, I am unsure if this would be the best idea. Also, I think someone may have experienced a similar issue prior, but as I have no idea how to phrase my problem appropriately so that I may find the thread, my apologies for a possible repeated issue.

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