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This probably has a really simple answer, but what is the purpose of CD_STATE_NOTVALID? I see it in a lot in interjects in mods, and am primarily wondering why can IsValidForPartyDialogue not be used instead, where it seems to be used commonly in the game itself.

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In the old engine, IsValidForPartyDialogue was a very unreliable trigger. Lots of interjections of the NPC crew were missed because it didn't fire although the NPC was standing right there.

CD_STATE_NOTVALID  was a custom state check introduced by CamDawg that basically checks for everything that would prevent a character to be able to talk. It is far more reliable but has to be used in combination with InParty() and some See() trigger.

For the EE, the IsValidForPartyDialogue trigger was revised - as far as I know, to make it far more reliable. I think for the EE it makes no difference which you use, but I might stand corrected.

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59 minutes ago, jastey said:

EDIT: And maybe skipable cutscenes.

The cutscenes in non-EE BG2 can be skipped, using the esc -key... they just need to be found in the baldur.ini file, which they are put there when they are first seen. And the BWP/BWS put them there too.

But the only major thing missing in BG2 is the ZOOM, and auto screensize adjustment, which could have been done BETTER.

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Hmm, to be clear I mean the .mve files... not the in game scripted "cut scenes".

BG1 for example has there's in the Baldur.ini file:


Enabling their skipping.

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