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At what point is it too late to install this?

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I have a ToB save with the party taking a Watcher's Keep break before going to Amkethran. Is it too late to add this mod (and possibly tweak the variable for having put Yoshi's heart to rest in SoA, which I actually did do)? It sounds like an intriguing concept, an interesting character/story driven mod for ToB (which is sorely lacking in such).

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As I understand it this mod is ToB content that starts in the Pocket Plane, so it occurs well after Yoshi's death. I'm hoping adding the mod specific variable for whether Yoshi's heart was put to rest or not is sufficient to allow for experiencing the mod fully, even if I'm past the initial pocket plane setup stage. My concern is that it's too late because the Pocket Plane, first 2 challenges, etc. have all been accessed already, which might mean it's too late for a good chunk (or all) of Yoshi's content.

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Apparently you do not undestand how to cheat in this game... 😋

You can go into any area via MoveToArea("areacode") 

You can set any GLOBAL variable including chapter numbers and other factors via SetGlobal("globalname",GLOBAL,x) where the x is the new variable number.

You can summon .cre's via CreateCreature("crename")

How could it ever be 2 foam milk coffee ?

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You can try. If you want to give it a shot, intall the mod, then move go to Pocket Plane and if he's not there, in front of the gate, use these code:


There is a chance it won't be needed though. Note that if you used my Yoshimo Romance and reached advanced romnace state, he won't appear in the the Pocket Plane, but from what I have noticed, it doesn't look like you're using the romance.



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