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Renaming Objects Protocol


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I need input on what is the 'polite' way to handle changing object names in an area.  The problem I have is doors and travel trigger regions more often than not have the same name, making it impossible to close or lock the door via a script.  The only solution that I'm aware of is to rename either the door object or the travel trigger region.  But I can imagine the next mod coming along wanting to do something and having it fail because the name has been changed.  I think renaming objects is too heavy handed, but I have no other option for what I want to do..again, that I'm aware of.

I'm thinking the better of two evils would be to rename the door and leave the region name alone.  If that is the case, what should I call it?  They're normally named 'Doorxxxx' with xxxx being the number of the area to which they lead.  I was thinking 'Exitxxxx' but decided against because that's how entrances are named (oddly enough).  I'd prefer to have the travel trigger name = 'Tranxxxx', and leave doors named as they are because I think it makes more sense, but then I'd be renaming regions and I think that is the greater of the two evils.

I'm in a quandary.  Looking for opinions, suggestions or more elegant solutions.

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