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Lower XP for traps and locks on dualclass characters


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So this is more of a curiousity than anything else and when I just checked I realised that I am on EETweaks 1.8 and the current version is 1.12. So this might not even be relevant any more wheen using the current version. 

Anyway, I have the vanilla friendly progression for trap&lock xp installed. I reached irenicus dungeon in my playthrough and noticed that the xp imoen was getting for traps was still in the bgee range, even though she is already a lvl11 mage. So after trying around for a bit and comparing the xp gained top the values from the .2da file, it seems like the game takes the mean of both levels to determine the xp. 

Has anyone noticed this prior and is this intended?

Like I said, I am more curious than anything else, as it really doesn't matter all that much.



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