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Grey v2 with bug fixes!


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Grey the Dog Mod NPC updates to v2 with bugfixes.


-fixed install of other mods caused by this mod's item because of "read out of bounds" (offset ca (dice size/minimum level) at opcode #12 to "0", was at "-1" for some of Grey's tooth enforcer)
-changed item category from "potion" to "food" for Grey's chew toys
-unified Grey only items to exclude all normal NPC races, only (no classes are excluded. Verr'Sha should not be able to use War Dog's studded leather armor.)
-changed Grey to "Other" (sex/gender in cre file) so he will not be picked for SharTeel's fight if he is the strongest "male" in the group.
-added c#greythedog.ini with mod info
-added folder libiconv-1.9.2-1-src.7z with iconv licence info


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1 hour ago, jastey said:

Verr'Sha should not be able to use War Dog's studded leather armor.

Well, Verr is quite sensitive to all kind of scents and he wouldn't like to smell dog on any armor! You know, that's a racial thing. Plus, dogs and cats need to take care of their fur differently. Otherwise it may get tangled or unkempt. We wouldn't like any of them to lose it.

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