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Bug Reports and Typos for v0.2.1 Beta

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Please post any bugs, typos, and other problems you find with the mod here so it can all sit in one place!

Also, consider posting your weidu logs when replying so that I can identify potential compatibility issues better.

You can also directly report bugs or post issues on the mod's github's page

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Hi Daxtreme,

Your compatibility section suggests that Cowled Menace should be installed before EET_End but after SCS.

SCS is currently advised to be installed after EET_End, making this impossible.

Is it just cowledmenace:2100:Appropriate Items for High-Level Spellcasters that needs to be after SCS or should the whole mod be installed there? Can you help me understand why?


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Sorry for the small delay. Indeed you are right. This is quite a tricky situation, I will have to do some testing before I can say exactly when the mod should be installed.

If you really need to know right now, I would say try installing Cowled Menace before SCS (and thus, also before EET_End)


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No problem. I've done that this time, everyhting installed fine and was playable after EET_end, SCS is almost complete.

I'll report anything odd that I find, please let me know if there is anything you're concerned about that I should watch out for.

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I designed my mod to be install-able either before or after SCS, limit issues as much as possible.

Now did I succeed? That's the question. Look out mainly for the AI in my mod's battles. Hopefully SCS doesn't break any of them. But I took SCS into account so it should be fine. What worries me is the difficulty. The last battle should be quite hard with SCS on, depending on the difficulty slider of course.

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Guest Noobie
On 4/29/2020 at 12:25 AM, 4udr4n said:

SCS is currently advised to be installed after EET_End, making this impossible.

@4udr4n where is that advised? I read a contrary recommendation in the EET installation instructions as well as in the FAQ of Project Infinity replying to "How to install EET in one go?", that SCS should be installed after EET, but before EET_End. So if you first install EET, then SCS, then Cowled Menace and then EET_End, then you should be fine.

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