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Dynamic Install Order - alternative (but not replacement) to online list

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4 minutes ago, jastey said:

Maybe something like Tweak_early?

I like it.  Descriptive on how it's to be installed and generic enough to let all sorts of things to fit into it.  Since the list of 'Types' isn't set in stone yet, I think we can just start using it, right?

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Grey the Dog should be the last NPC installed - if possible. But if I do something like:


Type = NPC

After = NPC

it will probably confuse PI in itself? And what would happen if another NPC mod wants to be installed as last NPC mod, as well?

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@jastey Above install order dependency could indeed introduce troubles (infinite loop etc) - right now it's best to use all involved tp2 names until the solution for such setup can be well-thought.

Regarding two mods with excluding rules: one of the rules would have to be disabled in order to continue installation.

Later, I'm hoping that two modders can collaborate to resolve such impossible-to-fulfill rule. If the mod A has cross-content with mod B + mod B has cross-content with mod A, at the same time both which needs to be installed after each other, then there is no correct install order so it can't be solved via install order rules. Either changes are needed for both mods or the 3-rd 'component C' is required with rules regarding install order of "AFTER = A,B" and also regarding requirements of mod A + mod B being installed.

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3 minutes ago, AL|EN said:

or the 3-rd 'component C' is required with rules regarding install order of "AFTER = A,B" and also regarding requirements of mod A + mod B being installed.

I don't get the meaning of this statement, would you please elaborate? Do you mean crossmod content which produces the conflict should be moved into a separate mod C?

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@jastey By the way how you describe it, it's not a 'conflict' - it's just a two install order rules which can't be fulfill at once so the player would have to choose which mod comes first but he is still able to install both mods and get some content from both mods.

So regarding 'separate mod C' - sort off, for eg ModC-CrossContentForNPC.tp2 under the assumption that it has "AFTER = A,B" rule (I will skip example with components because of limitation):

A.tp2-NPC Alia
B.tp2-NPC Bob

Then, the install order of A and B doesn't matter so the mod C is installed after A and B with all cross-content for both NPC's and it would be selected and installed only once. This is rather extreme corner case which might never happen actually. Still, nice investigation 🙂

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@Endarire Ah, gotcha. @Lauriel and I settled for Tweak_early, I think it's a good category because it would cover any mod that makes tweak changes that need to be applied before content mods are added.


A general question: would we add things we think are common knowledge like "After bg2fixpack" and "Before cdtweaks" if it's not crucial? Or is that too much "hand holding" / restriction?

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On 3/4/2020 at 9:39 PM, AL|EN said:
  • BEFORE = B
    Mod A should be installed before Mod B, this is only single 'rule/requirement', it doesn't mean that Mod A require Mod B to be present.
  • AFTER = B

    Mod A should be installed after Mod B, this is only single 'rule/requirement', it doesn't mean that Mod A require Mod B to be present.

And I have to look that definition up every time, because my intuition wants to change it to "before" meaning the listed mods need to be installed before and the ones listed for after need to be installed later.

That's just my personal problem, though, about which I wanted to lament a little. Changing it (which doesn't male sense any more because several mods are using it already anyway) would just make it non-intuitive for someone else.

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3 minutes ago, Endarire said:

Better to add your befores and afters explicitly so people truly know what's expected of them.

I do that for mods that really need to be installed before / after. Hmm, the fixpack installed after might screw things up a bit ... but it's not a real incompatibility, it's just knowledge I could include for (hopefully) the benefit of the players. The question is whether we want to do that or whether we restrict the data given to the "real" incompatibilities/dependencies.

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