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What codes to use to fully load a map's content in BGEE?


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Hi everyone,

I know it may sound a bit newb, but what codes should I put in a script in order that all the contents of a map loads before the players enters an area?

In BGEE, it saves while it loads. I've been searching in IESDP but found no mention about it. Is it a state to check in DLTCEP

Thx for your time. 

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There's no such a cat to skin in this game. The "map" is just a picture, just like all the other non sound media, and the game actually consist of picture on a picture and their intermidiates.

Now, what exatly are you asking to do here. The map is loaded in a few seconds, the dark edge is just a fog of war + the unexplored border that will be removed when you move your character towards it. Is it that you want to "reveal the map", that's done in a script with Explore() -command(and the undo of that). But that doesn't actually LOAD the content of the map, as should it not be really obvious, the area itself can run a script that summons monsters and other things that will be there when you save the game and then load it at the same spot, there will be more monsters and you'll probably never run out of them. And other spots will summons monsters when you loose sight on them. plah plah plah ...

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Okay maybe I didnt explained clearly what I'm looking for, so bear with me:

If the player arrives in the area, there are too many objects to load from the script, and it doesn't fully load all of them. The end result is that many appear out of thin air, and it's quite annoying. So, in order to allow the script to entirely load the script, I need to find what code BGEE use to display the "Loading area" screen between two areas. I don't know the code for a loading screen, simply put. 

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