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Actions:145 PickLock(O:Object*), 11 EquipItem(S:Object*)

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Currently labeled with "Does not Work", which is false, at least in the EE's.

145 PickLock(O:Object*):

  • Only creature's can perform the action, not containers (probably not doors or regions either).
  • It uses the creature's Pickpocket score just like the thieving ability.

11 EquipItem(S:Object*) / 11 EquipItemEx(S:Object*,I:EquipUnEquip*):

  • Item must be in the creature's inventory for either to function.
  • When used to "equip", Item's global effects are applied to the creature each time the action is performed, and avatar animations are updated to reflect the new item.
  • When EquipItemEx() is used to "unequip", it removes one instance of the items global equipped effects (global effects with other timing modes are not removed.
  • The item itself never moves in the inventory, whether using the "Equip" or "Unequip" mode, or whether or not the item was in the backpack or equipped.
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Yeah, and hows that going ? As in, how long does the thief script get to be in data format to try to unlock all the doors ? Yeah, I understand that this works for specific scripted actions and actors that could be gods, but how about the regular 25% unlock thief in BG1(via BGT-weidu or BG1:EE/EET).

I remember that there was remove/unlock all traps and doors mod tweak some time ago, and I am wondering if it was the result of this.

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18 hours ago, kjeron said:

11 EquipItem(S:Object*) / 11 EquipItemEx(S:Object*,I:EquipUnEquip*):

  1. Does the first bullet point hold for 'SelectWeaponAbility()', 'EquipMostDamagingMelee()', EquipRanged()' and 'XEquipItem()'?
  2. Do point#2 and point#3 hold for 'XEquipItem()'?
  3. Does this part "avatar animations are updated to reflect the new item." hold for 'SelectWeaponAbility()', 'EquipMostDamagingMelee()', EquipRanged()' and 'XEquipItem()'?
  4. The last point basically implies that 'HasItemEquipedReal()' will return FALSE. Is that correct?
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1: SelectWeaponAbility(), EquipMostDamagingMelee(), and EquipRanged() only switch between weapon abilities of those items already in the quick-weapon slots.  It cannot equip weapons in the backpack, nor can it specify items by resref.

XEquipItem() actually moves the item from the backpack to the specified slot (or vice-versa), so yes, the item must exist in the inventory.  It can also move items flagged "Undroppable".

2: No. XEquipItem() actually equips and/or unequips the item (the item specified and any item already in that slot), so any effects come from the normal Equipping/Unequipping process.  Using it to equip an item already equipped first removes then reapplies it's equipped effects.

3: Yes, as they actually equip the item.

4: It will return false, as will HasItemEquiped().

@Jarno Mikkola

Quite Well.  Who cares about thieves or their scripts when you don't need their "Thievery" button to use the Open Locks skill?  Containers and Doors can have scripts, and just ActionOverride() anyone who clicks on them into attempting to unlock them.


Yeah, I understand that this works for specific scripted actions and actors that could be gods, but how about the regular 25% unlock thief in BG1(via BGT-weidu or BG1:EE/EET).

I have no idea what this is.

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Ahh, this is an approach difference... as you put the script to the object, while I was thinking on putting it on the creature. Which makes it far longer as you need to do the (next to) with every object in the game.


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