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First Aid (mod for EE)

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Today at a supermarket I saw a posted paper about giving first aid. I don't know why they had it there, it wasn't even about the coronavirus but about treating wounds - that first aid is only effective within 10 minutes of the trauma, about resuscitation and so on. So here is a little mod. It only works for the EEs, involving some advanced opcodes. Characters (and all humanoids and giants) can now administer first aid to someone who has taken damage within 3 rounds. This will cure 2d4 points, succeed in rousing characters from unconsciousness that comes in combination with damage, like getting slammed with a wing buffet, most of the time and slow the majority of poisons considerably. It relieves Constitution loss from vampire draining, too. Medics can bungle it, however, and instead do that much damage, deepen the swoon and accelerate the poison, if any. First aid can only be used once for a wound, and it works on anybody who isn't dead or made of clay or metal. Creatures can't use first aid on themselves, somebody else must tend to them. This should help team spirit... but you can use many minions for this, too.

There is no need to start a new game. Creatures will be patched, including the party. NPC in areas you have already visited won't have this ability, but you can teach them by inviting them back into the group and having someone else use it.



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Giving this mod extra spin, the Mending spell is making an entrance at most common spell stores in BG1, BG2 and IWD1. It will repair a little damage to an undead creature or construct (golems etc., including Mordenkainen's swords) and bring party members of that kind out of their death. This will be useful if you have them in the group, because from now on Cure spells, Heal, Raise Dead and Resurrection, whether as spells or as abilities, won't work on golems and undead, and neither will healing potions. This is how it is supposed to be, according to spell descriptions, but to my surprise the spells turned out to work perfectly on undead in testing. I don't know if other mods have addressed this, but here it is a change of creatures, not spells. Keep in mind, though, that this change, right as it is, will make keeping Hexxat "alive" much more of a challenge. Well, you have her draining abilities, other black magic, and now Mending.

Golems and other mechanicals, only not the swords, receive a special ability called Repair Flywheel. Naturally, you won't see it on enemies, but it's there, should you get control of some friendly constructs or decide to make a golem NPC, which I hope someone does make. (Ask me for sound files, I have something cool stored.) Repair Flywheel works as a program, a spell with a very long casting time, and every round it continues to be cast, the golem will heal a hit point. If you move from the spot, you will end the program, but it can be restarted anytime. Also in this version, First Aid takes account of the user's Intelligence. The chance of curing damage is the same for highly intelligent characters as for everyone else, but they will not inflict a bungling on the patient.

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