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Installation issue

Guest Alexander

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Guest Alexander


I'm trying to install the mod but it skips the installation because it says I don't own the Baldurs Gate II EE Trilogy. I didn't know  Baldurs Gate II EE had a  Trilogy?  I assume it means Baldurs Gate,  Baldurs Gate SoA, and Baldurs Gate ToB all of which I have installed. I would be grateful for any help. 



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Hello Alexander,

You need to install the Enhanced Edition Trilogy prior to installing this mod, it's required.

And yes, you can install all the other optional components on a clean BG2 install but they're minor components that have nothing to do with the actual quest mod. Just small tweaks I made that I think some people might like.

Good luck!

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Hi Daxtreme,

I also have an installation issue. The Readme states that Cowled Menace should be installed after Stratagems, but before EET_end.

But in the meantime, most of Stratagems components have to be installed after EET_end.


What is the proper order?



Edit : I found your reply on the other topic, sorry ;)

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