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question about signatures

the bigg

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I was trying to incorporate in the sig the banners for my released mods, but I found I couldn't. Is it, by chance, that images in signatures are restricted / avoided?

Thanks for replying.


BTW: I was using this code

[url=http://forums.spellholdstudios.net/index.php?showforum=167] [img=http://linuz.sns.it/~v.bigiani/files/the_bigg.jpg][/url]

but no images are shown; the url is correct, as you can try: the_bigg.jpg

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Images are enabled in sigs--Galactygon uses them, for example. I just added it to your sig and it seems to be working just fine. :bday: Perhaps the image-hosting server hiccuped or there was another issue.


(Of course for me, a new image in a sig just means I need to add another item to Adblock...)

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Thanks, now I'm going to put them as I intended (mod banner + link) :bday:


As for the server, it may be very well, since the one the images are hosted on has serious problem with the PCs on the LAN my PC is on, even if the distance is less than 200 mt :D

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