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Auren-Nalia-Romance - what is the last SoA banter?

Guest Arcor

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Guest Arcor

In my current playthrough I'm really enjoying Auren (fantastic mod) and her romance with Nalia. However, I'm not sure if I'm stuck or a bug occured. They had banters in Chapter 2 and 3, up to the point when they hug each other IIRC. In Spellhold and the Underdark there was nothing and now I've done Chapter Six apart from returning the Rhynn Lanthorn and still they don't banter. Auren got imprisonened twice (in the Underdark and by Kangaxx), but so got Isra and her romance with my PC kept going.

Did the imprisonment or something else broke the Auren-Nalia-Romance or are they done for SoA? Can I check the romance status somehow? Or can someone provide me with a dialogue file, so I can check if I had the last of their romance talks or not?

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