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Versions 32.0+ give install error. Highest i can install is 31.0

Guest websterr33

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Guest websterr33

Hello. I finnally decided to try Baldur's Gate and honestly, im in awe of the level of polish the community and Beamdog
have given to this game. 

About SCS, i tried 32.0, 32.7 and 32.8 - couldnt get them to start. 32.7 and 32.8 install some components but give error in:
"Improved NPC customisation and management"
"Allow player to choose NPC proficiencies and skills"
"Initialise AI components" 

My game version is Siege of Dragonspear from GoG. I tried SCS with other mods installed, tried without any mods, tried even clean BGEE without any expansions and mods - those 3 components giving the same error everytime. This is the debug file https://uploadfiles.io/kq7kwswj of 32.7 with all mods and SoD,







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Guest websterr33

Figured it out! Turns out my windows is 32bit and i needed to install Strawberry Perl for versions 32.0+ . Works like a charm now, cheers for the great mod.

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19 hours ago, Arthas said:

Hey, Is this suggestion merely for the 32 bit question, or do you actually recommend v31 over v32?

I highly recommend using the latest and greatest version available.

If, for whatever reason, someone cannot use v32 and must choose from among the earlier versions, that particular build of v31 is the best that I had used.

When I posted that, I hadn't see the poster mention that they had solved the problem by updating Perl.  If updating one's machine to work with the new versions is relatively easy and painless, then that is certainly the better course of action.

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