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Hello everyone,

I wanted to create my own Duelist kit for a NPC mod, but seeing as how this mod exists and I like the contents of the Duelist kit, I was wondering if it was possible to use it within my mod? Credits would most definitely be given and there won't any changes to the existing kit (except maybe the prefix, because it might cause an error to the game if others install this mod(?) I'm unsure if this is needed though.)

I've tried to contact the creators, but it seems like they haven't been on G3 for quite a while, and I don't know if I'll get a response any time soon. I understand we should not use another mod in our own mods without the original creators' permission but because the original creators haven't been on G3 for a while, I can only assume that the permission to use the Duelist kit in my own mod is denied. With that said, is it possible that the creators granted permissions to a maintainer of the mod and I could ask them?

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What you want to do in code is, you want to re-create the kit with your own prefix in each file, and then not extend the k_x_x.2da tables. This allows the existiance and granting of the kit, but not its selection in game.

1 hour ago, jmaeq said:

... I understand we should not use another mod in our own mods without the original creators' permission but ...

Technically mods don't have a copyrights, as they themselves are illegal modifications of originally copyrighted products. But I would assume that granting the creator their credits is in due. Of course also copyrights would need to be sustained to hold one. Which is why, for example, Disney needs to block any unlicensed Star Wars products, be they fan created or not.

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I can't speak on behalf of the authors, but my take on this is the following:

1. if you need exactly what the already existing mod is offering, then you could make this mod a requirement for yours and just expand on it (stating clearly in your readme what your mod is adding). This is a bit difficult topic, of course, as I am not saying that addons to existing mods are totally (morally) fine in every case. I am not.

2. if you need coding aspects of the existing mod but want to make an own version that is diferent, then it is good practice in IE modding to use already existing coding solutions and credit them in the readme. I copied and used lots of code from other mods myself. There is no reason to invent the wheel a second time. If it was very unique then I asked for permission, but I wouldn't see a problem here if you credit accordingly.

and also

3. I assume you had a look into the readme? Sometimes the authors put their take on this in there already.

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Thank you both for your input/suggestions - it is much appreciated! If I can do what @Jarno Mikkola suggested, that would be fantastic.

@jastey I did take a look at the readme, but there wasn't anything out of the ordinary about permissions for usage, just the same copy and paste of copyrights seen in an all/almost all mods released here.

EDIT: Removing the k_x_x.2da tables from the kit in both the PC and NPC, only make the NPC appear as "Fighter" and the kit doesn't exist.

EDIT (again): Oh, the power of not starting from the same area when installing the NPC mod... it worked! :)

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