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APPEND inside a patch


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I'm changing a category of items to make them conversable. After some checks and filters the code generates a dialogue from a template, copying it over in an INNER_ACTION. The name of the dialogue file that results for every item is the same as the SOURCE_RES of the item, for simplicity, and both are represented by the variable "itemres". In the end I want to insert APPEND to add to ITEMDIAL.2DA. The code is approximately like this:

....inside the patch, after making the dialogues...

OUTER_SET strref = RESOLVE_STR_REF (~Know It~)
APPEND ~ITEMDIAL.2DA~ ~%itemres% %strref% %itemres%~
UNLESS ~ITEMDIAL.2DA~ ~%itemres% %strref% %itemres%~

(and more ENDs to wrap up)

I see no problem with this code, but somehow a parsing error results. Anybody has guesses as to why?


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And I would bet that only one of these: %itemres% %strref% %itemres% is actually needed as the others can probably be presumed to either exist, or not if the first one is there. As elsewhere:

APPEND ~kit.ids~ ~0x80000000 WILDMAGE~ UNLESS ~\bWILDMAGE\b~


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16 hours ago, subtledoctor said:

I think change

UNLESS ~ITEMDIAL.2DA~ ~%itemres% %strref% %itemres%~ 


UNLESS ~%itemres% %strref% %itemres%~ 


Quite so! Thank you again.

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