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Weasel Mods: the new modding site

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I am happy to announce that a new modding site and forums is now open - I present to you Weasel Mods, a new place where all mods by Lava Del'Vortel may be downloaded. Along with this update, I am happy to present two new mod updates: Skie - The Cost of One Girl's Soul (which now includes a new portrait and some fixes) and AG: Southern Edge (which also includes some minor fixes). 

Links: www.weaselmods.net (forum), www.downloads.weaselmods.net (download)

I hope you'll enjoy the new place. Thanks to everyone who's been supporting me for years now. That includes both other modders and all the players that gave my mods a chance! Also thanks to Spellhold Studios, Gibberlings Three, Pocket Plane Group and all the other modding websites out there! You rock!

Lava Del'Vortel

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