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Can I install EET after SCS and other mods?

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Hi there,

I have installed a fresh copy of BG2EE from Steam and also the following mods in order:

ModMerge > Ascension > Sword & Fist > Song and Silence > Wheels of Prophecy > SoD items to BG2 > SCS and then finally Cowled Menace.

However, upon trying to install Cowled Menace mod, it told me that I needed to have Enhanced Edition Trilogy installed beforehand. Unfortunately I didnt read that part and continued to install all the mods.

 My question is, if I was to install EET now, would that have an effect on the other mods which are currently installed? Judging by what the EET adds, it feels like that it might make some changes to what I currently have installed and I do not really want it to mess around, since it took me over an hour to install all the other mods, I would hate to have to go through all that again. The quest line does seem really interesting and with the other mods installed, I thought it would make a nice challenge since I havent installed any of the other mods before apart from SCS, but the last version I completed was V25 or something.

Kind regards,



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Unless a miracle happens or k4thos says otherwise, assume you cannot install EET's main component last.

The current interrogation going around is whether it's better to install SCS or "EET_end" last, certainly not the main EET component itself

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I think it worked out fine for me. I haven't done anything BG related in several months though, so don't quote me on that..

As far as I remember, last time I checked the forums, @DavidWand  @K4thos had a bit of an disagreement on this very topic.


Sorry, I misread your post. I don't think I ever installed EET main after SCS, I thought you were talking about EET's end part.

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@Ulb you read my post just fine. I was asking about EET_end. I know there was a disagreement between @K4thos and @DavidW whether SCS should be installed before or after EET_end. I noticed in your PI install order post from couple of months ago that you have put SCS after EET_end and thought you can share your experience, if you notice any bugs, something odd etc.

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I can provide some reporting. I have progressed from the start of BG1 through SoD, and I am currently in the early parts of SoA. I checked my Weidu log and it looks like I installed SCS, ATweaks, and CDTweaks after EET_end.  In fact, though it's been awhile and my memory is a little fuzzy, I recall there being an installation issue with placing some or all of those three before EET_end -- possibly with nested dependencies requiring all 3 to be at the end.

I think it might have been that SCS complained about not after EET_end, and maybe CD and A Tweaks needed to modify things that SCS did, and thus went after.  Maybe?

I have encountered little to no bugs so far. I have a heavily modded mega-mod setup. Many NPCs, many tweaks, a few kit changes, Item Revisions, Spell Revisions, Ascension, Wheels of Prophecy, Item Upgrades, and more quest and mega mods that you can shake a stick at.

SCS has propagated properly through everything (almost, see below). Vampires added by NTotSC had the enhanced AI of SCS, and Orc Mages and Priests in Secret of Bone Hill were likely way more challenging than the mod authors intended. SCS is functioning fully in SoA too, so far.

The one thing I think I observed, however, is that I don't believe SCS changes were applied to SoD encounters. Well ... I think the trolls might have been improved. They were tougher to put down than vanilla. The green dragon definitely wasn't. Then again, I was overleveled. I don't think the spellcasters were SCS-ified though. It honestly didn't bother me too much, and I enjoyed SoD anyway. In any case, it's all back for SoA. Duergar in the chateau, mephits summoning reinforcements, casters and vampires ahoy.

Edit: I installed SCS v32.7 and EET v1.0 RC12

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Thanks all for the replies. I ended up reinstalling everything starting with BGT and then doing BGT_End and then working my way through the list of mods I wanted installed and ending with the installation of SCS. I did a new game on SoA since I had played BG1EE earlier and didnt want to play through it all again. So far I havent encountered any issues or conflictions with the install process or during gameplay. So it does seem to be running fine, I didnt try to install BGT after everything else because I had a feeling something might go wrong, so I simply just took the longer route. 

Thanks again for all the replies :)

Kind regards

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On 3/31/2020 at 5:15 PM, Daxtreme said:

Unless a miracle happens or k4thos says otherwise, assume you cannot install EET's main component last.

Why the cheese not ?

No, assuming so will lead you to stray. Yes, the SCS might not edit the BG1 portion of the game, but so what ? That's not whjat is tryed when installing EET after SCS

1 hour ago, Moonboy187 said:

I ended up reinstalling everything starting with BGT and then doing BGT_End and then working my way through the list of mods

Sorry, but there's no such thing as BGT_End... You either talk about the EET or nothing. And for reference, it's BGT-weidu you would install if you weren't installing it on a BG2EE game. Which can only accept the EET, which by the way required the BG1EE+SoD and the DLCmerge, onto which you can also install other mods, unlike the case of BGT-weidu, which requires a clean non-EE BG1+TotSC+patch, or a mock up of then.

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Yea sorry, I wrote this at 2am lol. Let me clarify what I meant to say, When I was installing EET(Not BGt) after the installation had finished it gave a prompt stating that if I wanted to install any mods then do it just now and then run the EET_End file to finalise the installation. I ran the _End file first and then continued to install my mods in order. Thr only reason why i had to install EET was because one of the mods I wanted to play required it for some reason so I had no choice. As I did have Sod, I did have to install Modmerge first before I could do anything. 

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37 minutes ago, Moonboy187 said:

Yea sorry, I wrote this at 2am lol.

You kidding me, that's no excuse, after all, I replied about 7AM after spending the last 8 hours in a night shift that ended at 6AM, in a factory making food for you guys. 

Hahah, actually that's story is true, but it was meant to be funny. No, really, it's actually funny.

See, some of us live strange lives and I also understand that you might slip with the shorthand descriptions as you are not that familiar with them, yet.

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4 hours ago, Lightbringer said:

Mmm?  What kind of food?

Well, it has all the essentials, all the nessasary amino acids, the fats and carbohyrdates. Aka food stuff. And it needs the Ultra High Temperature process to make. Yes, it's milk products... 😛

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